Researcher on Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence



I am a research engineer at CEA LIST working on software safety applied to artificial intelligence. I completed my PhD thesis in november 2021, under the supervision of Guillaume Charpiat, Zakaria Chihani and Marc Schoenauer.

My research interests include abstract interpretation and symbolic propagation, SAT/SMT solving applied to deep neural networks. I am also interested in the formulation and formalization of specifications for programs using audio and visual inputs. I am involved in several projects involving industrial partners on the topic of safe AI.

You may download my CV here.

Open positions on Trustworthy AI (interns, PhD, fixed-term contracts) at CEA LIST. Send me a message for more infos!


  • Software Safety
  • Formal Verification Methods
  • Satisfaction Modulo Theory
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Deep learning
  • Dataset intelligence


  • PhD in Computer Science, 2018-2021

    Université Paris-Saclay

  • « Diplôme d'ingénieur » (MEng french equivalent), 2014-2018

    ENSTA Paris

  • « Classes préparatoires », 2012-2014

    Lycée Massena, Nice



I am proficient in Python and usual scientific libraries (numpy, scikit, pytorch), as well as Jupyter Notebook deployment

Functional programming

I am proficient in OCaml, and base understanding of Propositions as Types


I like to teach and learn: I have multiple teaching experience and I enjoy learning, be it on my research topics or something else


I am able to blitz a good meal usually vegetarian; I have a strong preference for mediterranean cuisine, but I also like to cook meals inspired by cambodian and japanese cuisine as well

Role-playing and tabletop game

I like to write and play tabletop RPG stories, and lose my mind watching players inventing completly different stories


I delved a bit too much into self-hosting arcanes, and I maintain this website along with other services for me or my relatives.



Research engineer


Nov 2021 – Present Saclay, France
Conducting a common effort on a team to lead research and secure industrial contracts on the topic of safe artificial intelligence.

Teaching assistant

IUT Orsay

Feb 2020 – May 2020 France
Teacher assistant for design and implementation of human-machine interface, for a total of 28 hours worked (part of it remotely due to COVID-19 pandemic).

Teaching assistant

Telecom Paris

Oct 2019 – Jan 2020 France
Teacher assistant for deep learning course for master students. 12 hours worked.

Teaching assistant


Nov 2018 – Dec 2019 France
Teacher assistant for C programming course for bachelor students, for a total of 30 hours worked.

PhD student


Oct 2018 – Nov 2021 Saclay, France
Conducting research on formal methods applied to deep learning programs for verification